5 Factors To Consider When Planning a Web Site

Companies who launched websites several years ago may be considering a website update or even a total re-design. Before you begin a website design or redesign consider these 5 factors and talk through all points with your web designer.

1.  What are the goals & objective for your site?

  • How will you measure success – by traffic or leads or contacts or sales?
  • Do you want them to take immediate action…call or email or purchase?
  • How important are search engine results for your company?

2.  About Content

  • How does your site fit into your marketing strategy?
  • Who will be responsible for developing the content?  Web rich content is critical for SEO.
  • Will there be updated information added on a regular and timely basis and who will handle that?

3.  About Reader

  • Who is the target audience and what are their expectations from a site in your industry?
  • What do you want them to do when they visit your site?
  • Do you expect repeat traffic from customers and readers?

4.  About Your Team

  • How many people will have input into the design and development and who is the final decision maker?
  • Who will be the project manager or go-to person now and later?
  • Who handles your IT functions and are they readily available?

5.  About The Investment

  • What is your budget for design and development?
  • How about maintenance, updates and SEO?
  • How much time do you want to invest in developing the site?

Establishing expectations and guidelines early in the process can help every project succeed. Take the time to plan and use the expertise of your designer to ensure a great outcome.